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Friday, July 11, 2014

Who am I?

My official game name is Aragis Hypogaeariel, but lets face it that is a tongue tripper, so all call me Moth.

Why? Well simple all my alts in Laurelin, LOTRO, end in -moth.

My name in everyday life is Willow, I was born in 1964 (you do the math, I know you can do it!) and fill my days with work, friends, family, radioplays and LOTRO.....and much much more. My work demands quite a bit from me, and my social life is busy too. With all that there is nothing I like best than listening to an Old Style RadioPlay and play some LOTRO. I guess to each his/her own! 

I started to play this game somewhere in 2010, on the USA server Brandywine. Soon, well after about a year I realised that is would have been wiser if I had started on the Euroserver, seeing I live in The Netherlands. So I took a deep breath closed the window on Brandywine and some 9 chars, some good friends and started a new character on Laurelin.

1. Iammemoth
My first alt is Iammemoth, a level capped minstrel as I felt most confident with that, I trained him to be a healing traited Minstrel, equipped for solo fighting, he has joined the Scholar's guild and has reached Tier 9 proficiency. Crafts: weaponsmith, scholar, farmer.

2. Floramoth 
My second alt is Floramoth, a cute yellow clad fiesty hobbit lady, a level capped warden. A challenge as a class, who has joined the cooking guild and has reached Tier 9 proficiency. Crafts: farmer, jeweller, cook

3. Feabretmoth
My third alt is Feabretmoth, a skinny gangly elf, who is somewhat of a bookworm, a level capped runekeeper. She has joined the Cook's guild and has reached Tier 9 proficiency. Crafts: cook, jeweller, farmer. All in all a quite worthless combination for gathering  things in the wild, but hey...you have to have a cook, right? 

I do have 4 other alts, Geishamoth (level capped), Kamashimoth, Moraeamoth, Shadowmoth

As you see all my alts end in Moth, makes it easy to spot me. I am part of a real small kinship (we call it friendship) with one of my alts, shadowmoth. But this is just a storing kinship, started, maintained by three friends who started this game almost at the same time. My real kinship is the Oaks. All my "working" alts are a member of it, and gladly so.

I am a VIP player, and do not mind spending money on the game. I view it like this, it is one of my hobbies, and most hobbies come with a price. As ever all within reason. Those who know me know I keep a tight reign on most things in my life including expenditure -grins-  

If you wish to find me, jkust look for a -moth in the game.

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