Oak-a-Line: Meet the kin...... old and new! - Kinship meeting 19-07-2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Meet the kin...... old and new! - Kinship meeting 19-07-2014

Well, that was just a brilliant evening! Tonight was the evening for the kinship meeting of the Oaks. The last 6 weeks we have had a great influx of members, a lot moving from VUS to the Oaks, but also some individuals who joined. All in all some 10 members joined since the beginning of June.

A kinship meeting like we had tonight was a perfect time to enjoy some joint activities. To get to know each other, and in general have fun! There were four planned activities and 1 impromptu one. All of it enhanced by the newly set up Teamspeak environment, where you can even make your own Teamspeak subchannel, as was done in event 4 below. Great set up I have to say.  

1. Hide and Seek, homestead Thorin's Gate - kinship house
Try to find all the officers who had hide in and amongst the main house and rocks in the homestead. Me personally, I was awful at it. Balv was first, Jamie was second, but got disqualified for not having a "lamp" with him, so Louise was second, with Beth third. 

2. Cosmetic contest. - who looked best in their special attire
Feabretmoth won, ME, ME, ME. Peach was second, Lindy third. Yay for me! 

3. Spars in Bree - spawning point.
Several people joined in, I witnessed some interesting fights.

Spar: Soei-Chorin
Spar: Fatali-Soei
Spar: Dranwig-Yevad & Beth-Fatali
Spar: Jamie-Yevad
Spar: Spencer-Egalis

The all culminating in the final fight between Soei and Jamie: Mega Chicken versus Mega Hunter. Soei won, well done Soei!
Mega Chicken versus Mega Hunter (where yellow meets purple)

After the spars we all gathered for a snapshot. have a laugh it takes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages:
Snapshot 1

4. Beacon run in Gondor
Object was to run from the beacon at Mon Lontir, from there to Nendath, to Maegond, to the Fallen Beacon. Four teams of two people made the dash for the beacons. Balv and Peach won that one. 

And another snapshot was taken: 
Snapshot 2

5. Impromptu kinship walk through Bree. 
As Soei generously provided lots of shrews as prizes, and Ook the giant kinship shrew, democratically elected I may add, faithfully hippetyhopped along in the kinship walk, this shrew filled event was concluded at the Prancing Pony fireplace. 

By the way, did you know that Ook is called Ook, because as a dutch word is sounds exactly as Oak in english. And it means "also". As Ook is also an Oak. 


Take a look here for the photograps: photographs for the kin event 19-07-2014
Take a look at the video for the victory walk through Bree: Kinship walk through Bree - Holy heck, a whole load of shrews!

As you can see from the photographs and the video, we had a great evening. A special thanks goes out to the officers of our Kinship, Phaedrus, Lindolwing, Fatali and Soei. It was a great evening, I personally had a blast! 

Bye bye for now or as Louise would say it "toodlepip"!


Soei23 said...

Ook has entered the building and he ain't going back! :-D

Moth (Willow) said...

Ook is brilliant! Much better than the silly set of twigs!