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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meet the Oaks.....at your own risk!

Tuesday July 1
The alliance channel in Teamspeak is busy when I sign on. The collection of names makes me smile; lots of people I call friends are there, to be honest I count them all as friends. It promises to be an enjoyable evening. I see John has signed on as well. Finally after some weeks he has surfaced and I whoop whoop when he says he will join the Oaks as well. Very good, John is always good company.

The Oaks close their door....temporarily
And as it proves John joins just in time, because, but for a still straggling member of VUS who may want to join, the gate to the oak tree house is firmly locked by Phaedrus that same evening. A smart decision, as the Oaks have been blessed with a large number of new kinship members. Many I know, and have enjoyed pleasant Lotro, or non Lotro times, with. The ones I don't know, I am warming up too quickly. In short it all gives me a very good feeling.

Grinding for the bird
Of late I have been grinding for Rivendell reputation. I want to see my budding lore master Kamishimoth run around with a small bird (I believe a sterling). The bird you can trade for with Rivendell trader, but only when you are kindred with the elves. Louise told me she was still in Goblin city rearing to go and harvest the elves rep with me, as we had been doing the evening before. I then dragged Matt and Suzy into goblin town, because let's face it 4 people tend to get 4 times the rep items. Also having Matt in the team, who needs an on online map....sort of? In the end we also looked for buttons, Bilbo's to be exact. I may actually have enough rep items by now, so look out birdie, here I come.

The epic Twook/Ook controversy
The epic poll for the Oaks mascot still running for Ook (yay yay yay) or Twook (booooooh) things heated up on Teamspeak. 

Twook, reputedly of the male gender,  has been called to be seen as cute, scary, creepy, funny..... running around with open arms looking for his daddy (read:Soei), or some affection from others, even mobs! A debate ensued if Twook actually looks better with leaves. The little ent has also been reported to fall asleep on the job. In the middle of a battle you will find him zzzzzz-ing peracefully will blood globules fly fiercely around. 

Ook has been described to have big yellow teeth, gorgeous eyes, strange twitchy ears, and a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge nose. Her species.... how about Twookifant? In contrast to Twook you cannot miss her running around, she is bigger than most hobbits! Also Ook is the more calssy of the two, Soei paid over 2500 Gold to contract her, Twook was much cheaper, only some 300 Gold. me I will always go for OOK......big, visible, alluring eyes and a hippity hop gait which no one can overlook in any raid! If only we could dress her in purple tutu!

okK, click for a bigger view

With Louise and Matt known to have been casting their vote for Twook, we may be headding for a vicious witchhunt in the Oaks, the two actually running the risk to be outcast The hunt is still on for the remaining Twook voters.  

Soei's ringtone
It has been reported that Soei has requested Louise to record a ringtone for him. In her own beautiful voice saying  "bastards, bugger, and boobs". I can just imagine the surprised looks at a party or in public transport when Soei gets a call!

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