Oak-a-Line: Update 14 ....spotted!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Update 14 ....spotted!

Thursday July 3

Well, the cat is out of the bag. Hucro spilled the beans: 

Uodate 14 will go live Juy 14th. There will be new areas to explore, and level cap will go to 100. We will be moving into the triple digits, which is somewhat exciting. From heresay, there will be some PR on all this in the upcoming weekend. To be honest I will not be holding my breath but be patient like so many of us! 

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What I do notice is that more and more people are coming out of the woodworks chomping at the bits to have a go at the new content. Me personally I am the snail like player. I enjoy watching people head in racing to make the  new magic level cap first. I let these forward scouts deal with all the bugs, aggrivations, puzzles and impossibillities etc. Then when the coast is clear I blunder in and level enjoying the game thorouhly.

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