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Monday, July 7, 2014

New Oaks..... everywhere

It's an epidemic....but the kind I like!

If you have not noticed yet, The Oak kinship has welcomed some new members. I say some, but with all the alts the new players bring along in their wake, the oak kinship is buzzing with activity. 

I love it, I have to admit. All these different people, all friendly, LOTRO enthusiasts, the new alts count 44 in total....with Suzy bringing in 10, count them THEM, ten, and Matt bringing in about as many.

Lani (also known as Beth)
Calemon (also known as Matt)
Balv (also known as Lewis)
Elizebetha (also known as Louise)
Seanog (also known as John)

And suddenly the chatrooms in teamspeak are teeming with people looking for some LOTRO fun, a LOTRO challenge, or heaven forbid, LOTRO deeding. Again, I like it, I love it. All kinds of different people, different countries and cultures, men, women, and I would bet you several incognito dwarfs posing to be either Dutch, English or Swedish. And with Soei’s recent purchase of a some costly kinship pets, I could swear I have seen a rather large furry rat and an ugly set of twigs running around.

Observing the colorful mix of people, some quiet, some very present, proverbial noobs and those much more knowledgeable, some driven to excel in LOTRO and be better or even the best, others pleased to just stumble through the game, like yours truly, I notice how chat sometimes poses a challenge.

I myself meet people quite different to me, and it challenges me to comform or simply accept. So this makes me wonder what would be a wise guideline to stick to while in chat with so many different people, dwarfs, shrews and stickcreatures?

I propose this one, which may sound all to familiar to you::

Treat people as you would wish to to be treated yourself. 
The key words being respect and understanding.

In talking to all those people, I notice that we sometimes tend to forget the chatsites, and the game we play, both have an OFF switch. So if you feel irritation bubbling inside you or the game stops being fun for a moment, go do the dishes (yuck), take a nap, make a cuppa java or tea, or just do you finances (double yuck).  

I would love to see what you think about this.

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Soei23 said...

A hot cuppa java sounds good! Especially when it's warmed over a nice crackling campfire stoked with Twook wood. :-D