Oak-a-Line: A surprise for Lindy.... well..... we tried.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A surprise for Lindy.... well..... we tried.

Lindy will be bsuy off and on for some 4-7 months. She explained it all on the oaks forum (read here). So on tuesday 28 july the kin tried to give her a send off, a kind of a good luck party.

Despite the efforts of Lani, Soei, Fatali and others it seemed to be a hard thing to arrange. Lindy refused to budge from her fishing spot while we had all gathered in the kinship house. Jamie, charming and inventive as he is tried to lure here there, but to no avail. So the big trek to surprise her was afoot. When we finally managed to track here down this was the epic conclusion:

Sending Lindy off.....the Oaks  (apologies for my rather loud voice, but am not computer savvy enough to do anything about it)


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